Andrew Sheraton Freelance Cameraman    07778 948396

Whether it's a product, service, or place your company is involved in promoting, Andrew has the experience to ensure your production is of high quality and professionally produced.

Andrew's vast experience in editing enables him to understand the needs of his clients ensuring he is able  to film and produce video with little or no direction.


Andrew has provided services for many companies based in the UK and overseas; he is experienced in working with high level management and A-list celebrities.

Whether it's the CEO speaking about confidential company directions to staff; filming a corporate event for broadcast or the web; awards shows and charity galas, Andrew has been trusted to produce and deliver on time.


Using the latest in High Definition (HD) video equipment and real time monitoring accessories this ensures there is a high level of input and control on demanding productions. Andrew can advise on equipment most relevant to your project.

Audio and lighting are critical components in any production and great care is taken in delivering high quality to you, your audience and customers.

Green screen facility  is an expanding resource that many companies like to use to make interactive videos to enhance their products, Andrew is experienced  in delivering quality green screen projects


For more information contact Andrew on 07778 948396